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Christmas at Bell House
Four Magical Scenes

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A few pictures of our recent involvement in the wonderful Christmas at Bell House event. Thanks to Phil Gammon for the photographs.

Four cameos from Bell House’s long and fascinating history were told in promenade performances in Christmas 2022. Christmas Eve 1772 amusingly recalled a musical evening in the same room in which it originally took place. Something’s Cooking allowed a peep into the preparations taking place in the original kitchen for an anticipated celebration in 1851. Elegy 1919 saw authors, G K Chesterton and Maurice Baring joining Nan Lucas, then owner of Bell House, at Christmas and remembering Nan’s brother and their great friend killed in 1916. Coronation Day 1953 hilariously related the story of how the Dulwich College housemaster and his wife had contrived to watch the events of the day on the then boarding school’s 9” TV without interruptions from the boys.

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Production Manager - Jan Rae

Stage Manager - Clarisse Hassan

Costumes - Jane Jones

Front of House - Séverine Powell

Bell House Support - Fabienne Hanton

Historical Advisor - Sharon O’Connor

Music Coach - Marilyn Harper



Mr Jones, the Butler - Ian Jones

Borrie, the Under Butler - Steven Borrie




Thomas Wright - Paul Sykes

Elizabeth Wright - Tracy Brook

Ann Wright - Chloe Couper

Richard Randall - Mike Coates

Written and Directed by Brian Green




Mary Ann Baker - Hannah McDonald

Jane Cain - Claire McDonald

Sarah Gager - Lydia Dickie

Written and Directed by Gillian Daly


ELEGY 1919


Nan Lucas - Elizabeth Holden

Maurice Baring - Hugh Blake-James

G K Chesterton - Robert Greenhalgh

Written by Gillian Daly and Directed by Mike Foster




Bill Tapper - Roger Orr

Barry Tapper - Marcia Bennie

Lilian Day - Jenny Gammon

Boy - Louis Powell-Sykes

Written and Directed by Jill Alexander

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