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Grimm Tales for Young & Old

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Grimm Tales for Young & Old

by Philip Pullman

Adapted for the stage by Philip Wilson.


Original music by Paul Grimwood, 

with lyrics by Gill Daly.

Previously produced in June 2018, it was performed once again, in August 2020 in the gardens of Bell House.

Cast and Creative


Timothy Bond

Gill Daly

Dave Gresham

Emily Lamm

Katrina Rublowsky

Philippa Watts


Guitar: Andrew Cunningham
Guitar: Dave Gresham
Guitar & ukulele: Mark Kelleher


Costumier: Jane Jones
Box Office: Lesley Hedley
Poster Design: Michael Marsden
Front of House:  Members of the Society

Review by Judy Douglas

After the undoubted success of the last performances of Grimm Tales in 2018, it was hard to see how the experience could be matched. Jan Rae and her versatile cast proved that it is possible to improve on a good thing. With a very limited rehearsal time, Jan found a willing cast and put together a shortened programme of four tales: two from last time and two new ones as well. The cast comprised some old faces (Gill Daly, Philippa Watts, Emily Lamm, Dave Gresham) and some new ones (Tim Bond) and some who moved from chorus ( Katrina Rublowski,). Andrew Cunningham and Mark Kelleher provided the music. Some roles were reprised from last time, and others re-assigned. The cast and director used social distancing to add an extra layer of humour to the performance and the socially distanced audience much appreciated this. It is a tribute to the talent of the cast that they were able to add in songs at the very last minute when amateur singing was permitted. It is impossible to single out any performances – it was a truly ensemble production. There was some inventive costuming and new props – Hans-my-hedgehog, wonderfully interpreted by Emily, now plays the ukulele and there seemed to be unlimited frogs and toads, plus 3 puppets ably inhabited by the cast. All in all, it was a wonderful way to celebrate summer, theatre and performance. Thank you.

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